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 ChartAlert® Demos/Slideshows

Tons of Basic and Advanced Scanner Examples

Includes several Factory Scans — simply copy the scans, modify the parameters, include more filters, and re-use the resultant output.

Scanner includes high quality Chart Patterns and Harmonic Patterns

Double/Triple Tops & Bottoms, Head & Shoulders, Triangles, Flags & Pennants, Wedges/Diagonals, Broadening Tops/Bottoms, Rectangles, Cup & Handle ... 5-0, Gartley, Butterfly, Three Drives, Bat & Alt Bat, Crab & Deep Crab, Shark, AB/CD & AB/CD Extension

Relative Strength Charts, P&F Relative Strength Matrix, P&F Trend Matrix — Charts
Chart and Scan:  Symbol/Symbol  •  Symbol/Sector  •  Symbol/Index  •  Sector/Sector  •  Sector/Index  •  Index/Index

Jump to Pattern Detection    AutoFibonacci, MTR, Chartist@Work,
Candlestick Patterns, Trading Systems, Chart Patterns, Harmonic Patterns, Point & Figure Patterns

ChartAlert® ships with Stock Market Advisories and/or Stock Market Forecasts

Short-, medium- and long-term positional / swing strategies for full-time / part-time traders — daily, weekly and monthly trading ranges — 1-stock snapshot report / View-by-Company — multi-stock snapshot report / MyRoutine — model portfolios — and more.

Drawing / Line Studies
1. Semi-log Channel 11
Invert Chart/Scale
1. Invert Chart/Scale   New 10

Basic Scanner — Menu-driven Interface makes it extremely easy to Use

With the menu-driven interface in the Basic Scanner, it is very easy to modify the scan parameters, modify and/or apply multiple filters, and/or combine multiple scans into a single screener.

Scanner — Basic Scanner
Menu-based Scans and Screeners
1. Part 1:  Setting up a New Screener 15
2. Part 2:  Running a New Screener 8
3. Running an Existing Screener 3
4. Filters in a Scan/Screener Report 3
5. Save a Scan Report; Open an Existing Scan Report 7
Scanner — Advanced Scanner
Write your own CASL-based Scans and Screeners
1. Basics, Column Builder, Factory Scans 8
2. Creating a User Scan 9
3. Creating a Screener 15
4. Working with the Sequencer 13
5. Organize Scans in Folders 12
6. Scan for Divergences — Classic or Hidden, Bullish or Bearish 14

Advanced Scanner — Script-based Interface allows for Intricacies — Ships with 900+ Functions

Write your own intricate scans — Write your own elaborate filters — Combine multiple scans into a screener — Run scans across various segments. Functions available:  45+ Price/Volume,  80+ Calculation,  25+ Math,  10+ Moving Average,  200+ Indicator,  290+ Candlestick,  120+ Chart Pattern,  85+ Harmonics,  50+ P&F Pattern,  25+ Renko Pattern,  4 Advisory.

ChartAlert® Real-Time-Enabled Version  —  Phase-3  —  Coming

Phase-3 of the RTE Version will enable ChartAlert® to silently auto-scan — in the background — real-time data streaming in from 3rd party data vendors. Just point ChartAlert® to the WatchList that tracks symbols in real-time and it will do the rest...!


Provides quick access to features; helps locate tools and options easily; is intuitive requiring minimal explanation; is reliable and does not malfunction.

Detailed Documentation

Help files deal with features in abundant detail; has learning-oriented reference material; includes how-to guides and detailed documentation on CASL functions.

Free Software Upgrades

Regular software upgrades, with enhancements and new features, are absolutely FREE! Includes access to future versions even during a 4-week Evaluation Trial.

Fully Customizable

Design was born out of collaborative customization; all features, reports, charts and scans can be modified to personal specifications to suit individual requirements.

Multi-threaded and Fast

ChartAlert® is fully multi-threaded. The pre-emptive processes make data updation and scanning lightning fast. Is future-ready for RT charting and scanning.

Friendly Support — Email Response in 1 or 2 Business Days

We are committed to our Subscribers — If you ever encounter a problem with our services, please call us or email us — We usually respond in 1 Business Day. If you are unable to find answers to your questions, or have further queries, please send us an email — we usually respond in 2 Business Days.