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    ChartAlert® 24.6.1
    FRI 7-Jun-2024
    All-in-one Desktop Software
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      End-of-Day Data 
       Reads 3rd Party Real-Time Data  /  MetaStock® format  /  MetaRefresher® mode 
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  • ChartAlert® 24.6.1
    FRI 7-Jun-2024
     For Investors and Traders 
    All-in-one Desktop Software
    LITE/RTE Edition Available

ChartAlert®  —  The ideal Real-Time and End-of-Day software for Charting and Scanning NSE/BSE stocks and equity indices, NSE futures and index options, NSE currency derivatives and MCX/NCDEX commodities  —  Includes advisories for the Indian stock market


Chart and Scan1 MetaStock2 format real-time or intraday data streaming from 3rd party RT data vendors during market trading hours in MetaRefresher2 mode

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1Advanced Scanner can be used to manually scan 3rd party real-time data
1Renko/ P&F/ Harmonics/ Classical Chart Pattern Scans for RT data are coming in a future version
2Need not be installed on your computer


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Technical Analysis











 Chart Types — Bar – Line – Candlesticks – Heikin-Ashi – Point & Figure – Renko – Kagi – Three Line Break – CandleVolume – EquiVolume – etc
 Relative Strength Charts or Ratio Charts — Symbol vs Symbol or Sector or Index – Sector vs Sector or Index – Index vs Index
 Index Builder — Price-weighted Indices – Equal-weighted Indices
 Moving Averages — Arnaud Legoux – Exponential – Hull – Kaufman's Adaptive – Simple – Weighted – Wilder – Zero Lag – and more
 Technical Indicators — 150+ Indicators – Price Overlays – Oscillators
 Customize, Zoom and Scroll interactive Charts in any time-frame viz. Intraday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, Multi-day
 Drawing / Line Studies — Linear Trendline – Semi-Log Trendline – Vertical Line – Horizontal Line – Linear Channel – Semi-Log Channel
 Fibonacci Studies — Fibonacci Retracement – Fibonacci Time Zones – Fibonacci Fan – Fibonacci Arc – Fibonacci Extension – Fibonacci Time Extension
 Gann Studies — Gann Fan – Gann Grid – Gann Square – Gann-based Price Levels
 Regression Studies — Linear Regression – Raff Regression – Quadrant Lines – Tirone Levels – Standard Error Channel – Standard Deviation Channel
 Miscellaneous Studies — ABC Targets – Andrews' Pitchfork – Cycle Lines – Moon Phases – Schiff Lines – Speed Resistance Lines
 Chart Patterns Mask ...
 Broadening Formations
 Cup & Handle
 Double Tops & Bottoms
 Flags & Pennants
 Head & Shoulder
 Triple Tops & Bottoms
 Wedges or Diagonals
 ... and more
 Harmonic Patterns Mask ...
 ABCD Extn
 Alt Bat
 Deep Crab
 Three Drives
 Candlestick Patterns Mask —  Identify and view 65+ Reversal and Continuation patterns on any time-frame
 27 Bullish Reversal Patterns including ...  Engulfing Line – Hammer – Harami – Morning Star – Piercing Line – Three White Soldiers
 27 Bearish Reversal Patterns including ...  Dark Cloud Cover – Engulfing Line – Evening Star – Hanging Man – Harami – Shooting Star – Three Black Crows
 7 Bullish Continuation Patterns including ...  Rising Three Methods – Separating Lines – Upside Gap Three Methods – Upside Tasuki Gap
 9 Bearish Continuation Patterns including ...  Downside Gap Three Methods – Downside Tasuki Gap – Falling Three Methods – In Neck – On Neck – Separating Lines
 Point & Figure Patterns Mask ...
 Double Tops & Bottoms
 Triple Tops & Bottoms
 Spread ... Tops & Bottoms
 P&F Catapults
 P&F Triangles
 Signals Reversed
 P&F Traps
 Multi-Column Patterns
 P&F Poles
 Long Tail ... Reversals
 Vertical Counts
 ... and more
 Renko Patterns Mask ...
 Double Tops & Bottoms
 Triple Tops & Bottoms
 Head & Shoulder
 Supports & Resistances
 ... and more
 The Technical Analysis C@W Mask can be applied to all Symbols, but continues to remain in an extended BETA phase
 Short-term, Medium-term, Long-term Charting-based Strategies
 Auto-plots the following ... Trendlines – Key Price Channels – Supports – Resistances
 Trading Systems Mask — A collection of analytical tools that contain complete trading rules to keep you informed about the current technical status of the symbol
 Automated Buy/Sell signals on the Chart, screened and ranked by ChartAlert®
 Short-term and Medium-term Strategies, covering 33% of NSE Cash Stocks
 Generates detailed Performace Metrics including ... Net Profit – Retention Rate – Success Rate – Drawdown – Return-on-Account – etc
 AutoFibonacci or Fibonacci Bands on any time-frame ... Intraday – Daily – Weekly – Monthly – Quarterly – Yearly
 Gann HiLo Activator – Gann Swing – Gann-based Price Levels – Stop Loss Indicators
 Open multiple instances of a Chart with various studies applied
 Monthly Trading Ranges —  Plot crucial Supports / Resistances / Channel for the near-month F&O trading period
 Relative Performance Charts —  Compare upto 10 symbols from a particular point of time
 Stop Loss Indicators —  ATR-based – Moving Average-based – Percentage-based – Volatility-based
 Synchronize time-scale or X-axis of multiple Charts for analysis
 Volume – Deliveries – Price-by-Volume – Contracts – Open Interest – etc
 Also includes ... AutoScroll Charts – Templates – Training Mode (simulates market conditions) – WatchLists – WorkSpaces

Basic Scanner


Advanced Scanner





 Basic Scanner — A simple menu-driven pattern detection and scanning engine for those who are not inclined to use Advanced Scanner
 Ships with tons of Factory Scans that can be copied, edited, modified, customized, saved and re-used to suit personal requirements
 A common column builder tool that can efficiently scan and list repetitive data across all scan output reports
 Scan and discover Bullish and Bearish signals across Index-constituents, Sector-constituents, WatchLists, or any set of Symbols
 Combine multiple scans into a single Screener to save on time, and execute Screeners with 1-click on multiple sets of Symbols
 Setup multiple scans in a Screener, and execute the Screener via a Sequencer, where the output of one Scan serves as an input to the next Scan
 Advanced Scanner — A pattern detection and scanning engine that uses a simple text-based scripting language CASL
 A Text Editor/Prompter that allows one to write algorithms in plain and simple English
 Combine algorithms with filters, and multiple ANDing ORing conditions, to scan for Bullish and Bearish signals
 Tons of Factory Scans are available to get started ... Copy, edit, modify, customize, save and re-use Scans
 A common column builder tool that can be called from within a Scan to list repetitive data across all scan output reports
 Combine multiple scans into a single Screener, or a Screener into a Sequencer, before executing on any set of Symbols
 Ships with 900+ Functions including ... Price-Volume Functions – Market (Aggregate) Functions – Calculation Functions – Logical and Math Operator Functions
 Also includes Functions for ... Indicators – Indicator Divergences – MAs – Candlesticks – Chart Patterns – Harmonics – P&F Patterns – Renko Patterns
 And includes Functions for building ... P&F-based Relative Strength Matrices – P&F-based Trend Matrices – Trading Systems – etc
 Menu-driven interface for writing custom Trading Systems or Algorithms or Quants to simulate Bullish / Bearish signals
 Write and backtest custom Algorithms on the basis of either the traditional OHLC data or the noiseless chart types (such as, say, Renko)
 Backtest custom Trading Strategies to study the Performance Metrics of an eligible Symbol from its origin to the present day
 Generates a portfolio summary report, as well as detailed statistics for each and every Symbol, and each and every simulated trade per Symbol
 Stats include ... Winning/Losing Trades – Largest Win/Loss per Trade – Average Win-to-Loss – Profit Factor – Return Ratio – etc
 Also includes other Stats like ... Gross Profit/Loss – Avg Win/Loss per Trade – Relative to Buy/Hold Index – Risk-Reward Index – etc
 Export Backtesting report to a CSV file for an in-depth scrutiny of the detailed Statistics using an external 3rd party spreadsheet app
 Also ships with Factory Trading Systems that generate short- and medium-term Bullish / Bearish signals for 33% of the NSE Cash Universe
 Scan for popular Chart Patterns — Cup & Handle – Double/Triple Tops/Bottoms – Flags/Pennants – H&S – Rectangles – Triangles – Wedges/Diagonals – etc
 Scan for popular Harmonic Patterns — 5-0 – ABCD – ABCD Extension – Bat – Alt Bat – Butterfly – Crab – Deep Crab – Gartley – Shark – Three Drives
 Scan for 50+ Bullish and Bearish Reversal and 15+ Bullish and Bearish Continuation Candlestick Patterns
 Pattern Detection enabled for all time-frames ... Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, Multi-day
 Scan across multiple sets of Symbols based on 9 Moving Average algorithms
 Scan across any set of Symbols based on 150+ Technical Indicator algorithms
 Scan across any or all Symbols by combining "n" set of algorithms filtered by "n" set of conditions
 Also scan for divergences between Price and Oscillators including ... CCI – EWO – MACD – MFI – OBV – RSI – Stochastics – W%R – custom oscillator
 Scan noiseless charts such as ... Heikin-Ashi – Point & Figure – Kagi – Renko – Three Line Break
 Scan for P&F Patterns — Double/Triple Tops/Bottoms – Catapults – Triangles – Traps – Poles – Long Tail Reversals – Vertical Counts – etc
 Scan for Renko Patterns — Double/Triple Tops/Bottoms – Triangles – H&S – Supports – Resistances – Resistance-is-Suppport – Support-is-Resistance – etc
 Scan for P&F Relative Strength Matrix —  "Arm-wrestling" between Symbols, Sectors and Indices to determine the stronger Symbol within a Sector/Index
 Scan for P&F Trend Matrix —  Multiple iterations of P&F Parameters to evaluate the strength of a trend in a given Symbol
 Scan on Financial parameters such as ... CAGR – OPM – GPM – NPM – Ratios – EPS – BV – NW – Debt Servicing – and more
 Combine scans based on Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis parameters
 Set Alerts using CASL/Advanced Scanner
 Write custom Technical Indicators using CASL/Advanced Scanner

Stock Market Advisories

Information & Prospecting Reports

 Stock Market Advisories include moderated Bullish and Bearish signals with suggested Trailing Stop Losses
 Positional and Swing Strategies for Short-term, Medium-term and Long-term time-frames
 Real-time Snapshot Reports at 11:15AM and 2:15PM for approx. 500 NSE symbols
 1-Stock / Multi-Stock Snapshot Reports — View-by-Company and MyRoutine
 Expected Daily, Weekly and Monthly Trading Ranges
 Short-term and Medium-term Model Portfolios constituting 50 symbols each
 Market Trends
 Sectoral Outlook
 Buzzing Stocks
 Trending Stocks
 Unusual Performers
 Bulk Deals NSE
 Institutional Trends FIIs/DIIs/MFs
 Substantial Acquisition & Insider Trading Reports
 Gainers and Losers
 Market Breadth
 Price Data
 Delivery Statistics
 Index Composition Reports
 Stocks-by-Sector Reports
 Group Reports by Indices & Sectors, or any other parameter
 Fully Customizable Reports with Advanced Sorting and Advanced Filtering
 Fundamentals/ Financials Spreadsheet for upto 500 NSE-listed Companies — Phase-1
 Fundamental Forecasts and Valuations for upto 500 NSE-listed Companies — Phase-2
 ElliottWave Advisory for upto 50 Companies





3rd Party Real-time






Select Global

 A ChartAlert® subscription includes End-of-Day data at no additional cost
 NSE End-of-Day ... Cash Market – Equity Indices – Futures – Index Options – Currency Derivatives
 BSE End-of-Day ... Cash Market – Equity Indices
 MCX and NCDEX End-of-Day ... Commodities
 Global End-of-Day ... Equity Indices – Commodity Futures – Forex – Baltic Freight Index
 Enabled for 3rd Party Real-Time Data in MetaStock® format and MetaRefresher® mode
 Manually scan 3rd Party Real-Time Data using CASL in the Advanced Scanner
 NSE Cash / NSE F&O / MCX Real-time Data streaming in via 3rd Party API-based Plugins
 Set Alerts or Auto-Scan 3rd Party Real-Time Data streaming in MetaStock® format / MetaRefresher® mode or via 3rd Party API-based Plugins
Learn More A ChartAlert® Subscription does not include RT Data — MetaStock® and MetaRefresher® are not required to receive 3rd Party RT Data

  User-Friendly Interface

Provides easy access to features; makes it simple to find tools and options; is intuitive and needs little instruction; is dependable, and does not malfunction.

  Detailed Documentation

Help files cover topics in great detail; include learning-focused reference material, how-to manuals, and comprehensive documentation on CASL capabilities.

  Free Upgrades

Software updates that provide improvements and new features are always free! Includes access to updated versions even during a trial period of four weeks.

  Fully Customizable

Collaboration-based customization gave rise to design; all features, reports, charts, and scans can be tailored to meet personal specific needs.

  Multi-threaded and Fast

Full threading is available in ChartAlert®. The process enables lightning-fast data updating and scanning. Is prepared for RT charting and scanning in the future.

  Friendly Support

If you ever run into trouble, let us know. We react to emails within a day. If your request is complicated, we will do our best to find a solution within 48 hours.

Computer / System Requirements

Computer Configuration — Minimum and Recommended

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium or Professional with SP1
  • Recommended OS:  Microsoft® Windows® 10
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.1
  • Intel® Core™ i3 3GHz+ CPU
  • Recommended CPU:  Intel® Core™ i5 Quad-Core 3GHz+
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Recommended RAM:  8GB
  • 1.5GB of free hard disk space (for technical analysis charting data, stock market advisory archives, scanning reports)
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Recommended Screen Resolution:  1366 x 768 (or) 1920 x 1080
  • Mouse (or equivalent pointing device)
  • Internet connection for downloading data, upgrading software, etc.

.NET Framework and Windows® Operating System

.NET Framework Ver4.5.1 — essential for ChartAlert® — is supported in the following operating systems only:
  • Windows® 7
  • Windows® 8.x
  • Windows® 10 *
  • Windows® 11 *

Microsoft® has suspended support to all other operating systems. If your OS is not in the list above, then .NET Framework Ver4.5.1 will not get installed on your computer.

* The .NET Framework comes in-built with Windows® 10 and 11. Downloading and installing .NET Framework on a Windows® 10 and 11 computer is not required.

Intel® based Apple® Computers — Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox, etc.

ChartAlert® is a Microsoft® Windows® compatible Real-Time-Enabled and End-of-Day Technical Analysis Advisory, Charting, and Scanning software. It has been designed based on Microsoft® technology, and requires the installation of .NET Framework 4.5.1 to run on your computer.

ChartAlert® has been tested successfully on various Windows platforms, including Windows® 7, Windows® 8.x, Windows® 10, and Windows® 11, across both 32-bit and 64-bit AMD® and Intel® computers.

We have not tested ChartAlert® on Apple® computers with Windows® running natively on Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox, etc.

We have not tested ChartAlert® on Apple® computers running on "M" processors.

If you're an Apple® computer user, then please be informed that ChartAlert® may or may not run on your Apple® computer. We request that you don't opt for an Evaluation Trial or a Subscription Plan if you're planning to use ChartAlert® on an Apple® computer. We regret that we're presently unable to provide any kind of technological support to help setup ChartAlert® on an Apple® computer running Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox, etc.

Intel® based Apple® Computers — Windows® Operating System via Boot Camp

ChartAlert® has been tested successfully on the older generation Intel® based Apple® computers with Windows® OS running via Boot Camp.

Please ensure that Windows® and .NET Framework 4.5.1 have been installed on the Windows® side of your Apple® computer via Boot Camp before you install ChartAlert® along with its Historical DataSets.

We are happy to inform you that we're presently able to provide technological support to help setup ChartAlert® successfully on an Apple® computer based on an Intel® processor with Windows® Operating System running via Boot Camp.

P.S.  We have not tested ChartAlert® installed via Boot Camp on Apple® computers running on "M" processors.

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